About Me

Homeopathy proved its efficacy to me in 1998. I was a North Face sponsored athlete and was embarking on a solo 350-mile foot crossing of the entire Indian Himalayas. I needed the most comprehensive and specialised medical kit to support the expedition; something that would cover all eventualities. There would be no chance of outside support if I encountered problems and certainly no chance of helicopter evacuation. I would be isolated for the entire time. I needed to treat anything from blisters and minor physical injury to altitude sickness and major life-threatening incidents. I had good connections to army doctors with solid Himalayan experience, and they suggested that in addition to packing pharmaceuticals such as broad-spectrum antibiotics, altitude-specific medicines, liquid amphetamine, and morphine, that I also carried a comprehensive set of homeopathic medicines, including homeopathically prepared coca leaf to assist me with any altitude sickness.

The homeopathic medicine was invaluable. It enabled easier management of daily issues such as inflammation and exhaustion, but I was also able to avoid taking strong pharmaceutical drugs such as Diamox for altitude sickness as the homeopathic coca proved to be very effective. In fact, at the same time that I was crossing the Himalayas, the first ever disabled ascent of Everest was taking place, and this was also supported with homeopathy by Dr. Mary Shackelton from the USA. Two years later, in 2000, Dr. Shackelton carried out a placebo-controlled, single-blinded, non-randomized study with homeopathic coca during an ascent to Everest base camp and found that it significantly reduced the effects of altitude on trekkers in the experimental group when compared with placebo. Link to paper.

Homeopathy training

I trained at the Burren School of Homeopathy where I took part in the four-year diploma program, graduating in 2007.

During my time at the Burren I also travelled to the USA where I trained with Rajan Sankaran, participating in his first teaching of the ‘Sensation Method’, a new way of homeopathic case-taking and prescribing that has transformed the homeopathic landscape. I have enjoyed further post-graduate studies, travelling to Europe, the USA, India and the Himalayas.

Homeopathic Provings

I have been an active participant in the trials of many new homeopathic medicines, known as ‘provings’. A proving is a collaborative process that is used to develop new and beneficial remedies for use in practice. It is a process in which these new and unknown medicines are deeply felt, as the messages, imagery, and intelligence of the actual medicines, and the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that they produce are experienced first-hand. It is a direct and immediate way to know the medicines that we give to our patients.

I am the only person in Ireland to have been trained directly in Oslo by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, completing the Advanced Training in Multigenerational Psychotraumatology, now Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT), which took place at the Norwegian Institute for Trauma Studies. I also facilitate Family Constellations, having trained with Barbara Morgan in the UK.

Homeopathy and Constellations work is a vast resource for healing, and when used together it has extraordinary potential to not just reveal, but to stabilise the disturbances that get carried from one generation to the next, that manifest as inherited family trauma and chronic disease. My practice is an expression of this healing art.

I hold professional membership with the International Systemic Constellations Association.