Adoption, Trauma & Identity

I specialise in healing adoption trauma.

I combine Family Constellations, Identity Constellations, Homeopathy and Resonance medicine.

If you are adopted, I can work with you. I was also adopted, and I know exactly how devastating it can be to have a mother that left and didn’t return.

You can meet me over Skype, or in person, one-on-one in my clinic, or at one of my workshops. I will listen deeply. You will experience being fully seen, heard and understood.

I help to heal the psychological splits that are the outcome of trauma, and navigate dynamically through your family system, revealing secrets and hidden dynamics that are obstructing your return to a life full of health and love.

I support you in your journey, restoring basic trust in life, and making joy and pleasure possible again. You stabilise, and suffering ceases. Becoming at peace with your parents is finally possible.

The work can be very moving. Impediments that have held us back our whole lives are no more and a new way of being, of aliveness, permeates everything that is.

Everything that you bring is welcome.

You will be in the safest hands.

We do this together.

You are not on your own.

You belong.

And what we do together

It can bring you home.