Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines can have mineral, chemical, botanical, zoological or human origin. They can also be made from sources such as electromagnetic forces (EMF’s) and other forms of radiation that we are exposed to every day.

They are manufactured using a process of dilution and potentisation. Solid matter that does not dilute also goes through a process of trituration.

Homeopathic medicines that are highly-diluted are also non-toxic, unlike orthodox medicine equivalents.

In Ireland the medicines are strictly regulated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (formerly known as the Irish Medicines Board).

The medicines are prepared by dedicated homeopathic pharmacies, such as Helios in the UK, and Remedia in Austria.

Homeopaths have around 5,500 possible remedies to differentiate between to find the ones that will stimulate your own healing response.

Below is a brief description of just one homeopathic remedy.

Succinum (Amber)

Amber is solid, fossilised tree resin. It was originally a sap that flowed from trees in prehistoric times, and this sap eventually solidified into the amorphous gemstone that we know as Amber. As it was held by the earth the Amber took form, but at some point it lost this connection to the land and entered the ocean, and due to its low density it would float, taking a journey far across the seas.

With no control nor ability to navigate, the amber now drifts amongst the waves until it eventually reaches a new destination and is washed up on the shores of a distant land to which she feels like she does not belong.